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The Ontario Caregiver Organization works with a wide range of provincial, regional and local organizations to improve the lives of family caregivers across the province.

We collaborate to make existing services more broadly available so all caregivers, regardless of age, location, or the needs of the person they are caring for, can access support. Where there are gaps, we work with caregivers and like-minded partners to find new and creative ways to fill them.
Our partners include system leaders, health and social care organizations, service providers, community-based organizations, subject matter experts, associations, non-profit organizations, and employers.

The OCO is inspired by caregivers, their stories and their unique experiences, and we engage caregivers to inform our work. Our partnerships are focused on high-impact activities that align with our Strategic Plan and aim to address the greatest challenges we hear from caregivers in Ontario.

Here are just some of the many ways that we partner with other organizations:

  • Promoting and increasing access to caregiver programs, services and support
  • Co-creation of resources, supports and events for caregivers
  • Spread and scale of solutions to improve the caregiver experience
  • Deepening our understanding of the diverse experiences of caregivers
  • Connecting caregivers to community-based organizations and supports through the Ontario Caregiver Helpline
  • Offering tools, education sessions and guidance for care providers
  • Helping employers find ways to support their caregiving employees and create caregiver-inclusive workplaces

Please note that the OCO does not endorse or promote for-profit products or services.

To contact our team about partnership opportunities, email us at Please include a brief description of your organization and the opportunity you would like to explore with us.

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