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Get to Know Your Nervous System the Polyvagal Way

September 19, 2022
7:30 pm - 8:30 pm

Raising children tends to be a LOT more complicated than we anticipate. We love our kids, but sometimes raising children is stressful and overwhelming! At some point, we all find ourselves reacting in ways we never dreamed of to the many emotional triggers that we face in our families. Our nervous system is constantly working behind the scenes trying to keep us safe and parenting complex families can at times lead to us to feel insecure and vulnerable.

This workshop is designed to help us learn how our personal nervous system works. When we understand our own stress response better, we can discover how to work with our nervous system to recover and feel calm faster.

Tanya Eichler is a psychotherapist who specializes in working alongside families with children with neurodiversities who have experienced early childhood trauma. Tanya uses Deb Dana’s interpretation of Polyvagal Theory to help people become more aware of their own unique responses to the stressors in their lives so that they may feel more empowered and less overwhelmed by their response to circumstances.

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